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Sabine Kroeber Locker
3/25/20 4:48 PM

Sabine Kroeber

Play a Kahoot at Home!

Hello Woodside,

I set up a few Kahoot! challenges you can play from home. Go to and enter the following game pins to play. I will be updating and adding more, so check back often! If something doesn't work, email me at

Keyboarding Technique / Typing Skills: 02568967

3rd Grade Math Review (great for 4th and 5th too!): 0287298

Synonyms - Dog Themed (grades 3-5): 08739658 

Spelling Practice - Animals (K-3): 07806424

California Missions (4-5): 0814815

Math: Percentages (5): 04992111

Thank you for Playing!


Great job to those of you playing Kahoot! I've been looking at you play and checking your results. Nice work! Let me know if you want me to make a Kahoot about a specific subject. You can even send me a question to use. Email me at

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BBC Dance Mat Typing (good introduction for lower grades)

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